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“What’s in the Bun?” was created by the Digital Public Square project at the University of Toronto. Our goal is to increase public knowledge about food safety by combining the best practices of game design with valuable research on food safety. Telling truth from fiction can be difficult given how quickly rumours spread. With this data we aim to give users a chance to test how savvy they are when it comes to food safety (and have some fun while learning.) Participation in the game is anonymous. We do not record your personally identifying information. It’s up to you to choose to share the game, and your results, if you enjoy it. This site uses common web analytics tools to measure project and game performance (i.e. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels). If you would like tips on keeping safe when sharing personal information on social media, you can visit this website.

The food incident data in this game was first sourced from the website, Throw It Out The Window, and then cross-referenced with a wide variety of Chinese and international media, as well as environmental and medical organizations. Each reported incidence has additionally been cross-checked against the website Foodmate.net, the largest food industry portal in China. Foodmate.net was developed by Global FoodMate, a company that has a close partnership with National Center for Health Inspection and Supervision, the Chinese FDA, Chinese Food Science and Technology Academy, Bureau of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, and other regulatory bodies.

The Digital Public Square is a project at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs that seeks to increase public knowledge and access to information by combining quality research with innovative digital platforms. Our work looks at global issues across the Americas, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, focused on researching new ways to connect users worldwide with data. To find out more, please visit our organization’s website.


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